History Lesson Part 1: The Background of Gaming & Gambling


Gambling in ancient Rome

Gambling plays a big part in history as it keeps spreading throughout the world. It is usually played in a way of a game that the result is money. This is usually done when the winner takes the prize which is then money, cars, business or houses. The reason people tend to gamble is that it allows them to feel more alive. However, it can make a player addicted to the first game. When people get addicted, their desires tend to kick in and they becoming game hungry.  In ancient Rome, the plays were experts in gambling, not just parts of the country but all social classes. Whether they are from the slave category or the royal category, they all loved to play! Rome never had any issues with the allowing their people to play the games. But when the country became Republic, they had banned it.

When the games were banned, people became outraged. This made the government give the people of a day free to gamble, which was during the Saturnalia festival. The festival was created in honor or their Greek Roman God. On that very day, they would practice an objective similar to “reverse meal”. Reverse meal is when the masters weighted on their slaves. Therefore, it is exactly how it is pronounced. Another objective would be to play the dice game, which is considered part of gambling. The dice were based on two different types.  The first game would be with the dice only. The second game would be with a box to display where the throws of the dice have been going to. This game was such a big hit in Rome that every one of the people knew how to play. But at some points, it was not enough.

The Roman People

The Roman people still wanted more; they didn’t believe it is fair to stop a whole country from doing so. Therefore, within time these rules stopped mattering within the people. Another reason for this is because they became addicted to the games. The people believe that the better you play the more you will save money. This may seem true most of the time, but the game is really just a fifty to fifty percent chance. As well as there is a fifty to fifty percent chance to lose everything. To not be incredibly attached to the games, try to keep them to a minimum and just for fun. Gambling was known as the prohibited law at the time.

Rome tended to teach their new generations that it is fine to have a job within the gaming section. Instead of the roman men hunting or riding, they are preferred now to have experience with the lucky game. Since people believe that this is the only way to make good money to support your family. This may seem true at times, that it does make good money to support the family. But it does not sound similar to a life plan since it is a goal for until they lose everything.