How to Play the PC Game Fortnite 2019


A veteran player will rarely have a problem with the PC game Fortnite. However, this may not be the case for a newbie. The game is somewhat tricky, and you may get shotgunned in the face faster than you can ever imagine if you lack the skills required to play the game. Specific tips that can help you to perform better in the game will be provided in this write-up.

How to start the game

You should pick out a good spot from the bus at the beginning of each round of the game. Isolation will give you a breathing space while you take the opportunity to set up.  You should prepare for adaptability during the landing phase by merely keeping an eye on the location of other players as they skydive. If you find the other players coming towards your position on the way down, you should break it; things will get messy if you do not.  When you land, you should get out of the open, get a weapon and collect building resources

Also, you should wait until the bus arrives at the edge of the map before you jump out. As a result, you can easily access some undisturbed loot, which can set you up for the following aspect of the match; you can also avoid bumping into other people. You may need to travel further to access the inner circle as the storm is closing in, but the effort is worth it for the excellent opening setup.

Nail the landing

You may see some other opponents pulling their gliders out later than yourself when you are falling out of the bus your distance from the ground depends on how visible the events are. Your plane also opens higher when you are over a mountain compared to when you are over a lake. You can, therefore, get ahead of your opponents if you choose your path and where the glider will open. As a result, you can claim the well-deserved chest. You can quickly unlock your chute as late as possible if you fall over a low area.

You are not permitted to take things picked up on Spawn Island with you

You will see building materials, ammo, and guns scattered around when you are on the Spawn Island.  You can grab any of these items, but you cannot take them into the Fortnite map.  The Spawn Island is more or less a practice area where you can learn how to play Fortnite. You can shoot all you want while on the island during the 60 seconds you spend there, but the guns will not affect. If you are all fed up with FPS games, you might want to check out the latest casino games for Irish players. Our favourite website 2019 is Enjoy!