How To Bet On eSports 2018

how to bet on esports

E is for electronic, but it is still another competitive video gaming system where players battle it out on the screen from the palm of their hand. Lately, eSports have become involved with gaming and churned out hundreds of millions of dollars to become a highly popular form of gaming. Millions of bets have been submitted in the last several years as it has grown into many games and genres, notably first-person shooting, multiplayer online battle arena, and real-time strategy. So, how has betting on eSports changed entering 2018?


Types Of eSports Betting in 2018

Money Line betting is the most basic type of sports betting and it is the same with eSports betting. Simply, choose the team or player will win the match. With the handicap, it is also just like regular sports betting. There are the bookmakers by listing the favorite or underdog by listing a number plus half, like +4.5. To win the bet, that team or individual must win, draw, or lose under the listed number (so 4 points of less). A bet on someone with a negative handicap (-4.5) will win if their team wins by more than the handicap (5 or more). Then, there is totals betting in eSports when the bet is placed on multiple things taking place during the game. Finally, there is outright betting when one bets on the overall result of one game.


Online eSport Betting

Everything is online now and there are multiple websites who will take in the bets and cash out the winnings. Not all book shops and bookkeepers have taken in eSports, which is why these websites are very important because they are open and lead users to the biggest games to bet on. There are many to choose from, but users should do some research before picking. Look at their deposit and withdraw methods to see if there are any strings attached. Check if the websites has bonuses, promotions, and VIP rewards and see if they guarantee things like free bets and welcome bonuses. Also, look at its security to see if there are any loopholes for your credit to hacked.


Professional eLeagues

Gambling with eSports has grown thanks to the rise of multiple leagues with multiple video games such as Overwatch. Players get a base salary plus benefits, just like a real sports league. They get paid because people by the thousands see them play through paid streaming or on site. That opens up for betting on their tournaments and matches and betting sites want in. Sporting eLeagues, like FIFA, also have popped up. A lot of first-person shooting games of multiple genres have also appeared and have become the biggest for eSport betting. Newcomers should pay attention to those games when it comes to placing a proper bet on a team or player.

Entering 2018, eSport gaming has evolved and will continue to do so. It is growing in vast wealth and tournaments being held in arenas for thousands of people. This is where the big bets are placed in this new booming industry. Read all my blog articles at Thanks for visiting!