The Top Five Best Arcade Games of All Time

top 5 best arcade games of all time

Hanging out

Did you ever meet up friends at local arcade on Saturday night? I sure did. This was the one thing many kids back in the day looked forward to, a night hanging out. Everyone was trying to beat the high score from the last player. What is the prize for winning? Bragging rights for the week at school. No matter if you played Frogger or Paper Boy someone had to pound your score. Beating a friend at a game is something that’s fun for you all as long as no one gets hurt. There are always creative ways of making a game more exciting.

Video Games of Today’s Time

The days of playing arcade games in the mall have passed. People nowadays prefer to play Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo in the comfort of their homes. The coin machines of the past offered a different experience of playing. The sound was hard to hear at times; colour pixels were missing. In my own opinion, today’s games offer better colours, sounds, and graphics than the ones from the past. With the technology changing often the kids prefer the super large 52-inch smart TV over a small dark screen. The controls have advanced over the years as well. The old ones were simple compared to the new ones of today. However, this makes the past seem forever ago.

What Are the Top Games?

I have listed what I believe to be the best all-time video games. Today you can still find many of them with new and exciting adventures.

5-Centipede- Sorry people I had to place this one last. Yes, it’s a fun game to play. However, it does get boring after a few levels.

4-Mario Bros- in my mind they all Mario Bros games are good. The old school game before the Mario worlds was created had to be the best.

3-Ms Pac-Man- Just like the original Pac-Man, however, the girls liked this better. Why? You have one guess. Yes, that’s right because of her being a girl. For me, I love this game due to a new character had been created.

2-Mr. Pac-Man- This was one of the very first games I ever played as a child. The eating of monsters and them returning impressed me.

1-Dinkey Dong- This is the most beautiful game ever made. The graphics where advance for the time he came out. Also, the idea of different levels of difficulty to reach the Princess was great.

There you have it the best five games of all time. I think my favourite day’s had to be Saturday and Sundays. Always looking for money in the week, just to play on the weekend. Wow, have times have changed from going out to staying home and playing. Games from the past are a great way to introduce our children to a time that’s long gone. Always remember a blast from the past is a great thing no matter what.